Our youth seem to be the most at risk with regards to brain trauma injuries.

Concussion within our teenage boys has exploded, is often ignored, not reported, intentionally overlooked and our young adults seem to believe it is “not cool” to be on the bench because of a concussion.

The real repercussions and long term effects are now only coming to light as more and more data is recorded and families, friends, teams mates and sporting organizations are having to deal with the long term consequences.

A bad decision today, can cause death, as was in the case of a Ottawa high school student who died from brain trauma sustained while playing rugby.

Never underestimate the damage a “bump to the head” can cause.

It is always imperative that a medical practitioner be on site during practice, as concussions are just as likely to happen during practice as they are on “game day”. COME OFF the field and STAY OFF THE FIELD as concussion is┬ácumulative.

Ensure you have recovered fully.

Using the Fitz, which adheres directly to the skin or can be worn in the helmet, will help to eliminate incidents that go unreported, unnoticed or ignored. In the future there will be no excuse, as to why a child was on the field after showing a head trauma and not having had it assessed.

Some of the warning signs of concussion include:
ringing in the ears
seeing bright lights
lack of concentration
mood swings

Remember it is always best to see your doctor after a blow to the head and when in doubt, call 911

Do not delay, pre-order your Fitz today