The cost of all medical bills are growing.

It is estimated that the cost of treating brain trauma injury (concussion) is approximately 42 BILLION dollars a year in the USA alone and this is only going to get worse.

Using the Fitz wearable technology will reduce the cost associated with brain trauma injuries dramatically, as doctors will be able to make use of the information provided by the device in real time. They will be able to use the information with regards, the time, the amount of force, the direction and exact location on the brain that was affected, thereby reducing the need for more exploratory investigation to determine this information. In addition the information is real time and an assessment can easily be made, knowing the patients previous concussion history, time for recovery, and impact point.

It is always best to have a trained medical professional on site to assess a head trauma and a visit to your own doctor or pediatrician is always best to ensure all the information can be reviewed as soon as possible.

Please make yourself aware of the 22 physical and emotional symptoms of concussion.

By wearing the Fitz, will not stop you from experiencing a concussion, but will log any event/blow that the head experiences whilst the device is attached.

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