Full contact Sport such as Ice Hockey and American Football have all been in the headlines with regards to Concussion, the risk and how to minimize the effects.

However, its not just full contact sports where one is at risk. The Fitz head impact monitor is recommended for all active people, no matter what the sport or activity level.

The Fitz is also recommended for sports without helmets, including soccer, rugby and figure skating, to mention a few. Helmets offer protection against cuts and grazes, however can not stop the brain moving in the skull- nothing can!

The Fitz is designed as an early warning device, that will immediately alert the wearer and the approved alert recipient list of a possible significant impact.

The biggest issue facing Concussion awareness and diagnosis, is the fact that, 90% of all concussive events go un-noticed, un-reported and therefore un-treated, increasing the risk of devastating long term effects.

If SportFitz can reduce and ensure all concussive events are made aware of, and the incident is properly reported and managed, we can reduce if not completely eliminate the negative long effects of concussion.

Noticing, reporting and managing your concussion  is key to a healthy brain

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