Concussion Management Software

Is vital to all companies and organisations  in ensuring that concussion protocols are followed and head impact specific data is stored.

The SportFitz Concussion Management system can be used as a stand alone solution with which to manage your members concussive data and return policies. Alternatively the SportFitz Head Impact Monitoring Solution (HIM) can be integrated and used in conjunction with a linked Fitz device.

Head Impact Monitoring
The SportFitz HIM is a SaaS solution, so there is no need to purchase hardware on which to run your concussion management environment.

The system allows the wearer of a Fitz device to update their profile, and review their incidents, impacts and alerts. In addition it allows the company/organization, the ability to review incidents, impacts and alarms, by individual and as a group. It also allows the administrator the ability to update records, if a member does not have a fitz device or is not wearing one.

All information is kept private and can only be seen by the member, or as the organization dictates.(HR, coach, Administrator)

24 hour, 365 access to data
Incident alerts are automatically updated (if linked to a Fitz device)
Incidents are updated in real time
Immediate action and notification to superiors, coaches, parents, managers
Review of impact-where, when, blood pressure, speed, impact
Immediate policy implementation once alert of impact is received – Stop work, stop play, test, rest, review, test, review, return

Adherence to policy is enforced by system, not by a manager, coach, parent
Everyone has to follow the same rules
Impacts are trackable
Results are review-able and the impact can be “recreated”
Data can be used for improved training
Data can be used to increase work safety

Report data is live
Report can be generated by- Member, Fitz device, Department, Frequency, Age, Sex, Department, Association, Club

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