We are thankful to those that chose to serve, be that in the Military, Emergency services or Social Environments.

Statistics have shown, that these individuals are equally at risk of a Traumatic Brain Injury as any person participating in a sport.

Oddly this is an area of TBI that is often overlooked, downplayed, un-noticed, un-reported and therefore un-managed. These people are our Hero’s, and although we know , “Hero’s don’t cry”, they are our protectors and they deserve better.

It is vital that the people who put their lives at risk for ours, are protected and TBI is managed accordingly for their long term health and well being.

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49.8 Feature: Firefighter Lionel Crowther at #11 fire station on Portage and with his family at their home in North Kildonan.
Photo of Firefighters helmet with UFFW sticker on it – Never Forget, Never Quit.
See Story by Nick Martin on 10th anniversary of fire at 15 Place Gabrielle Roy in old St. Boniface that took the lives of two veteran firefighters, Thomas Nichols and Harold Lessard.
Jan 25, 2017