Rowan’s Law

Rowan Stringer was a 17 year old high school rugby player who died from a brain injury due to concussion.

Rowan apparently suffered a concussion during practice and told no-one.

We heard about her text messages to friends suspecting she may have a concussion but she never told an adult.”

On May 8th, Rowan stepped back onto the rugby field for her John McCrae Secondary School varsity team where she was “swing tackled”, landing on the ground with her head taking the full force of the impact. Rowan never regained consciousness.

In response to this tragedy and an attempt to ensure it never happens again the Ontario Government came up  with 49 recommendations-  “Rowan’s Law”, an Act governing all youth sport, both school-based and non-school based. The Act should recognize the importance of four criteria in protecting children and youth:

  • Providing education on sport-related concussions to athletes (youth), coaches and parents;
  • Removing a child or youth athlete from play if a concussion is suspected;
  • Ensuring the child or youth does not return to play until he or she has received medical clearance; and
  • Ensuring appropriate return to learn and return to play strategies are in place.

Work with us to ensure that “Return to play” and “Return to Learn” protocols are managed and adhered to. Help us to educate our children, parents, coaches and governing bodies in supporting these 49 recommendations.

The Coroners report and 49 Recommendations can be found here