You may bot be aware, but Concussion is the number one un-diagnosed Traumatic Brain injury plaguing modern society today.

90% of all concussion go un-noticed, un-reported, un-treated and un-managed and this is a huge liability to companies and clubs alike. It is estimated that 80% of people who are suffering from a concussion, do not know they have concussion. It can be very difficult to pin point, as often the exact impact received may not have been that hard or memorable, often the sufferer is unaware of the impact and the fact that it was significant enough to cause damage.

Unlike the rest of your body, when it gets hurt, you can invariably see (bruising, swelling, broken bones) and feel the damage of a torn muscle or ligament, with your brain, you can’t. However the side effects you feel, like headache, nausea, irritability, anger and many more, is the way in which your brain is letting you know, it is “swollen and bruised” and you need to take care.

Just like the rest of your body it takes time to heal, and often needs you to rest more, or get back into something more slowly, going cautiously, so does your brain. However, what tends to happen, is we get a significant impact today, and tomorrow, we expect to be just fine, well, it doesn’t work that way with your ankle, why would it work that way with your brain?