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Traumatic Brain Injury is not something to “mess around with”. Admitting to a CONCUSSION, is not a weakness!

Men, are at huge risk when playing sport, and it is “expected” that if you get hurt, that you will “push through the pain”. We have seen it many times in movies, on our live games, you hear the commentators go “ooooh, ahhhh, ouchh”, that had to hurt! and yet the player get up, shakes his head and ‘carries on’!

There is no shortcut to healing from a TBI. There is no quick fix. TBI’s can kill, and they do-often!

We need our men, to “man up”, and admit when they are hurting. We need you to lead by example to all our children, that its “not cool”, to play injured! We need you to teach a new lesson, to support each other, to ensure that no-one plays injured. It’s up to you to make the difference. Pre-order your Fitz today, lead the way!