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Ladies, young woman and girls are by no means excluded from brain trauma injuries. Although a little less frequent than in our male counterparts, reports of concussion injuries are on the increase.

In order to try and curb this growth and “nip it in the bud”, we need to be vigilant with ourselves and our girls. That does not mean, we cannot encourage them, from giving it there all, at practice and on the field, but it does mean we can add a layer of care.

By using the Fitz and having a trained medical practitioner available on site, we can reduce the incidents of concussion that go unnoticed and therefore unchecked. By reducing this, we stop ourselves and our girls from getting back “in the game” too soon, and we stop the re-occurrence and the cumulative effect of a concussion.

Just because you didn’t lose consciousness does not mean you are not concussed.

Some of the Warning signs of concussion:
Sensitivity to noise/light
Inability to remember something

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