Our children start young, and we will often introduce them to a sport from the age of 3 or 4.

This being said, a sport like rugby, although does not include “scrumming” it certainly does include tackling the legs from beneath your opponent.

Our children are precious, and we want them to participate in old age traditions, we want them to be fit and be part of the team and we should encourage them to try as many activities as possibly and not have to fear for their lives.

Which is why the Fitz will give you peace of mind. Knowing that your child can participate and you will have the tools in your hand, to ensure their safety.

We know, bruises and scrapes heal and are to be anticipated, and even a broken bone, missing teeth, are all visible and kind of “come with the territory”, however its whats on the inside we cannot see. Its whats happening underneath their skull that is so important and its that we aim to protect.

Never again will a child’s bang on the head go unnoticed.

Wearing the Fitz full time, will ensure that even a slipĀ on the playground and a banging of their head on the ground will be reported. Walking into that pillar, will be reported, that blue-eye caused by a bully at school will be reported.

You will receive an immediate alert should your child’s head bang into anything as long as they are wearing their Fitz.

Fitz come in all colors and are registered to the wearer. Notifications of incidents will be sent to the smart phone application of the parent and/or coach.

A log of all incidents will be kept and an email will be sent to the parent and or coach indicating the time of the incident, the force of the incident, the potential impact of the trauma on the brain. This can then be used by the medical practitioner to determine further steps if necessary.

Always make sure there is a qualified medical practitioner on site for both practice and game days and that you are aware of the signs of a concussion. If in doubt, call 911 immediately

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