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We got nominated Nominated for the 2018 Startup Canada Awards, celebrating outstanding achievement in Canadian entrepreneurship. Congratulations! Please join us online using #StartupCanAwards to celebrate your Nomination.

Next Step: The Regional Adjudication Committees will commence reviewing the Nominations later this week. Regional Winners must attend their Regional Ceremony. Be sure to save the date.

  • Prairies – Winnipeg, May 25

  • BC – Comox Valley, May 31

  • Atlantic – Miramichi, June 7

  • Quebec – Montreal, June 13

  • Ontario – Sault Ste Marie, June 21

Congratulations again,


Congratulations Diane Matyas

“Today, on International Women’s Day, I am so pleased to tell you that you are one of ten leaders being recognized by the Leading Women and Leading Girls Building Communities Program here in Kitchener-Waterloo.”
Katherine Fife- NDP MPP Kitchener Waterloo

Congratulations to Diane Matyas, CEO and co-founder of Sportfitz.

SportFitz is leading the pack with regards wearable Brain Impact Technology and have coined the phrase #Brain ware.

In other words, a wearable device, that will ensure no head impact will ever go un-noticed, un-reported, un-treated and un-managed ever again.

If you are wearing a Fitz (device that fits comfortably behind your ear) and happen to fall, get pushed, or receive a substantial knock playing sport, the Fitz device will immediatly register the impact. If the impact is significant enough, the Fitz immediately alerts the wearer of the incident as well as all other predefined recipients of “alerts”.

It is estimated that 90% of all concussive events, go un- noticed, and that as many as 90% of people who have concussion, are not aware they could be suffering from a concussion.

Concussion symptoms include, depression, anxiety, anger, emotional instability, headache, nausea, fogginess, light sensitivity, and ringing ears to mention a few.

The Fitz cannot stop a concussion. There is nothing on the market that can. However, it can and does stop impacts from going un-noticed, it can and does, record extremely important bio-metrics (never before possible) at the time of impact, it can and does, manage the return to play/learn/work protocol, ensuring all information is updated when it should be.

If you would like to pre-order your Fitz today, click here, or join our newsletter for updated information on our progress as we get closer to launch. Feel free to participate in our trials and contribute to our kickstarter campaign.








SportFitz team up with Girl Geek Waterloo Region

Join our CEO Diane Matyas as she takes centre stage as keynote speaker on 25 July 2017.  Diane will lead us through her trials and tribulations and her experience as an Entrepreneur within the wear-able technology.


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